October 16, 2009

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How to capture emails

We all know the   hassle of contacting retail companies and  B2B firms. Lots of them make an opening relationship top complicated.

I visited about 20  sites. 8 of them hide their email address and used forms of one sort of another. One firm refused to accept more than 500 characters in the “how can we help you” box and that was only the start. A bunch of them made submitting a question into an interrogation with questions like  what state I was in, etc. That’s a big no no.

Don’t be in a rush an Email contact is like a first date.   If you customer  it’s not going to go well at all if you are interrogated . The object of an first satge  email contact  is to earn permission to respond.

If you sell something, set up an address like “”. Put this on your home page, “contact us if you’re looking for more information or a price quote.” Sure, you’ll get a lot of spam, but deleting spam is a lot easier than finding customers. (Hint, ask your IT people to make it a mailto link, with a subject line built in. That way, you can use the subject line to find the good email).


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