October 26, 2009

Digital Strangelove (Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Net)

Digital StangeloveThanks to David Knox and Henry Blodget at the Silico Alley Insider a pearl that reveals the future.

Henry Blodget write that David’s an account executive at a Toronto ad agency.  He has stopped fighting the future and is now going with it.

David makes a lot of excellent points.  Including these:

  • The medium is no longer the message. The message is the message.
  • The most wildly successful and beloved company on earth, Apple, doesn’t do “social media.” Apple’s customers do social media, though.  And Apple understands that.  So it makes great products and gets out of the way…

David Knox writes “Talk about a presentation getting some nice buzz.  First Fred Wilson posts about this new presentation he just saw and then Henry Blodget writes about the same presentation on Silicon Alley Insider.  Looks like David Gillespie knows how to catch the eye of the right folks in the marketing blog world.

But then again, after taking a look at the presentation myself, I needed to jump on the bandwagon because it really is filled with some great insights.  Hands down my favorite quote is this:

Advertising got really good at speaking in 30 second chunks to a captive audience… Then quickly found most brands had nothing to say on the 31st.”


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