November 6, 2009

Is Toronto Green or what !

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Live Green Toronto, a new resource for us Torontonians offers environmentally friendly living advice via a bus shelter. The city agency behind all of this is  Agency59 h

The interactive advert urges people to switch off the ad [by flicking the attached giant light switch] and to turn their website on.

Not a bad idea. SOMEONE was definitely ‘switched on’ when they thought this one up. Just one question though. Does the ad turn itself back on afterwards?

Let me know you have experienced it.


October 31, 2009

Wow is this idea coming to a store near you?

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Sweden labeling chickenNow this may be worth watching. The Swedish Food Administration has taken a very active role in labeling  by requiring new labels to encourage “climate friendliness”  and encourage  farmers and consumers.  Frozen chicken was one of the first products to be carbon-labeled. The Swedish Food Administration encourages its citizens to substitute beans or chicken for red meat, in view of the heavy greenhouse gas emissions associated with raising cattle. WOW

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